TRI-FI Jazz Trio

“Music is food for the soul. The chemistry of life. I have heard some special piano trios, Tri-Fi is one of the very finest. ”

- Brent Black, Bop-N-Jazz



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This album is made up of entirely original material, most of which was written specifically for this recording. It’s the 2nd album with TRI-FI and we took some chances exploring some different directions, which we think proved to be a lot of fun and very musical.We invited the amazing saxophonist, Steve Wilson, to join us on a few of the tracks and those moments are simply awesome.

Matthew Fries – piano
Phil Palombi – bass
Keith Hall– drums

Steve Wilson – alto and soprano saxophones

The Pumpkin
Postcards From Abroad
Wisdom…1st Things 1st
Creative Force
Hatteras Refection
Penns Creek
The Heathrow Shuffle

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All Music Guide | Michael G. Nastos |

"Tri-Fi is well on their way to incorporating new style and strength to their already potent brand of piano trio music...."

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Jazz Police | Andrea Canter |

"Many journeys fill these Postcards, and each sends an engaging message, giving us good reason to travel with Tri-Fi again and again...."

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"Refreshingly radiant, the second release by the piano trio known as Tri-Fi is a hopeful session of original music... Their 2005 self-titled debut offered a glimpse at their interplay, but Postcards delivers an assured message with brilliant swing...."

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"In Postcards, Tri-Fi deftly illustrates why the jazz trio is so enduring. This is a wonderful record full of the sunlight and beauty that jazz can be. ..."

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