TRI-FI Jazz Trio

“Simply a with it, happening piano jazz trio, they don’t pander but they play to please. Echoing any or all of your fave straight ahead piano trios of the past, these are all solid players that don’t need to go for pyrotechnics as their quiet fire lights the way well past the usual pas de trios.”

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record

TRI-FI Videos

Visit our YouTube Channel for a long list of great performance videos. To get you started you’ll find a few of the highlights right here on this page. It’s almost like being there…


TRI-FI at Night Town in Cleveland, OH

Circle Dance live at Night Town in Cleveland, OH – October 2014

Cielo – TRI-FI Live at the Jazz Showcase

Cielo live at the Jazz Showcase, Chicago, IL – October 2014

Clipped Wings

Clipped Wings live at Western Michigan University – October 2014.

Staring into the Sun

Staring into the Sun live in Assens, Denmark – May 2014

The Night Watch

The Night Watch live at Jazz Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark – May 2014

TRI-FI at Dexter in Odense, Denmark

The Pumpkin live at Dexter in Odense, Denmark – May 2014

Tobaksgården in Assens, Denmark

Clockwork live at Tobaksgården in Assens, Denmark – May 2014

TRI-FI recording Airstream for the Staring into the Sun album

TRI-FI recording Airstream at Tedesco Studio in NJ

Josie Bebop -- by Tri-Fi, Live at Chris' Jazz Cafe

Josie Bebop live at Chris’ Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia – March 2014

Penns Creek

Penns Creek live in Kalamazoo, MI – 2009

Performing live at WVIA studio

A Beautiful Friendship live at WVIA Studio, Pittston, PA – 2006

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