TRI-FI Jazz Trio

“This is a tight group that has meshed well over several years of touring, and their mutual respect and empathy are palpable.”

- Andrea Canter,

Jazz Education Workshops Combined with Live Performance to Inspire Students of All Ages

Tri-Fi can bring a full day of education and inspiration to your students. It’s a guest artist times three!

“Yesterday was such a great day. Thanks again for all of your work with our students. Today in rehearsal, the Jazz Orchestra played like they were possessed and high on inspiration. It was great hearing how much the students enjoyed the master classes and the time they spent with all of you.”

– Marc Townley, Byron Center High School Band Director

By bringing in a working piano trio that is able to function as a complete band, or work as part of a larger band, your students can learn from demonstration and from participation.

Some examples of what a day with your students can include…

Rhythm Section Master Class

Who better to work with a student rhythm section than a trio that tours together as a trio and as sidemen?

  • Fundamentals of swing
  • Roles of the instruments
  • History of rhythm sections
  • Playing different styles
  • Playing as a unit – listening and reacting to musical cues
  • Jazz ensemble coaching
  • Big band workshop/rehearsal
  • Jazz combo workshop/rehearsal
Tri-Fi Educational Brochure 09

Contact us to request a copy of our brochure with more information

Individual Lessons

We can work with students one-on-one to emphasize the specific skills needed on their instrument.

  • Technique on the instrument
  • Focus on swing
  • Comping & soloing

The Working Musician

Let your students ask the questions about what it’s really like to live the life of a working musician.

  • Reality of a working musician
  • Tools for success
  • Self promotion
  • Using the internet

Guest Artist Performance

Tri-Fi can play a concert as guest artists with your band, or play a trio concert for your students and community – or both!


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