TRI-FI Jazz Trio

“TRI-FI is a winner!”

- Ed Thigpen

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(2005) After playing together for a few years as the touring band with Curtis Stigers we decided to create this 1st album of our own music. It’s an experiment that we think turned out even better than we hoped.

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All About Jazz: Tri-Fi

All About Jazz | Eric J. Iannelli |

"There is an almost tangible sense of solidarity among these three, and the perpetual forward thrust of the music—ever swinging, ever groovy—conveys this shared purpose and their flawless intercommunication... An outstanding album and hopefully the first of many from this outfit. ..."

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Playlist Magazine: Tri-Fi

Playlist Magazine

“These cats can PLAY and swing while they do it. Check out their self-titled CD, you’ll be glad you did.”

Jazz Review: Tri-Fi

Jazz Review | Bruce Pulver

"Influenced by the trio masters before them, TRI-FI builds on the tradition, infuses creative writing, fresh arranging and complimentary playing to offer us music that has to be reckoned with. These guys take on the Jazz Trio challenge and deliver a “knock out” punch..."

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