TRI-FI Jazz Trio

“There is an energetic unity and the musicians communicate musically as equals, allowing one another to shine as individuals while maintaining the integrity of the music as a cohesive and singular artistic expression.”

- Jeffrey Uhrich, All About Jazz

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Reviews of TRI-FI 3

(2011) This album features all original music by the guys in the trio. We feel it’s our best outing to date and we hope you agree. It’s our 3rd album so we thought we would be really clever and name it something memorable: TRI-FI 3

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Scott Yanow: TRI-FI 3

"More important than the individual selections is the general sound of the trio and their telepathic interplay. Tri-Fi has succeeded at both developing its own musical personality and creating music that can only come from a group of like-minded musicians. ..."

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Raising a Third: Tri-Fi’s “3”

Jazz Police | Andrea Canter |

"There are surely piano trios with higher profiles than Tri-Fi, but one would be hard pressed to identify another with more telepathic synergy..."

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