TRI-FI Jazz Trio

“As good an example of trio communication as one can find in the modern piano trio canon.”

- Andrea Canter,

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Reviews of Staring into the Sun

(2014) This album is a bit of a celebration – it marks 10 years of performing, composing and recording together. Downbeat Magazine gave it 4 stars. Below you'll find that and other reviews of the album.

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Jazz Police: Tri-Fi’s “Staring Into the Sun”: Contemporary and Personal

"The entire album... is as good an example of trio communication as one can find in the modern piano trio canon..."

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Jazz Society of Oregon: Staring into the Sun

Jazz Society of Oregon | George Fendel |

"Tri-Fi is a standard, no gimmicks, no electricity, no extraneous throw-ins piano trio with a whole lot to say in 10 varied original compositions... Others try. These guys communicate..."

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Jazz Weekly: Staring into the Sun

"Here’s some red meat for fans of the piano trio... the lyricism of Bill Evans with the joyful bounce of Gene Harris. All of the material here is organically grown and produced, and covers the waterfront of dynamics and moods... Check these guys out, you won’t be disappointed..."

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Bop-N-Jazz: Staring into the Sun

Bop-N-Jazz (Critical Jazz) | Brent Black |

"Tri-Fi is a true piano trio that works as a harmonic collective by manipulating the harmonics often associated with some of the great European pianists recording for such labels as ECM and Neuklang while capturing the soulful swing of an Ahmad Jamal. The perfect storm..."

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Downbeat Magazine: “Staring into the Sun” Gets 4 Stars

Downbeat Magazine | John Ephland

"★★★★ Tri-Fi's newest collection of originals is the best example yet of their intimate group interplay... Call it a relaxed yet fervent approach to express joy, wonder, surprise. The kind of qualities jazz lovers look for anytime they're hungry for connection..."

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All About Jazz: Staring into the Sun

All About Jazz | Jeffrey Uhrich |

"Staring into the Sun is a shining example of how a piano trio can indeed create and perform as a “band.” There is an energetic unity and balance throughout the disc, as the musicians communicate musically as equals, allowing one another to shine as individuals while maintaining the integrity of the music as a cohesive and singular artistic expression..."

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Jersey Jazz Journal: Staring into the Sun

Jersey Jazz Journal

"A piano trio is one of the mainstays of the jazz tradition, and these cats are a fine example of the fun that such a combination can create..."

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Birmingham Times: Staring into the Sun

The Birmingham Times | Esther Callens |

"Their latest, Staring into the Sun is a remarkable recording of some very great compositions..."

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Midwest Record: Staring into the Sun

Midwest Record Volume 38/Number 92 | Chris Spector |

"Simply a with it, happening piano jazz trio, they don’t pander but they play to please... Tasty to the point of savory, this is where your ears want to be at the end of a long, noisy day. Solid stuff throughout..."

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