TRI-FI Jazz Trio

“Tri-Fi is a standard, no gimmicks, no electricity, no extraneous throw-ins piano trio with a whole lot to say... Others try. These guys communicate.”

- George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon

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Reviews of Postcards

(2007) This album is made up of entirely original material, most of which was written specifically for this recording. We took some chances exploring some different directions, which we think proved to be a lot of fun and very musical. This 2nd album from our trio features a special guest, Steve Wilson (saxophone).

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All Music Guide: Postcards

All Music Guide | Michael G. Nastos |

"Tri-Fi is well on their way to incorporating new style and strength to their already potent brand of piano trio music..."

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Jazz Police: Postcards

Jazz Police | Andrea Canter |

"Many journeys fill these Postcards, and each sends an engaging message, giving us good reason to travel with Tri-Fi again and again..."

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All About Jazz: Postcards

"Refreshingly radiant, the second release by the piano trio known as Tri-Fi is a hopeful session of original music... Their 2005 self-titled debut offered a glimpse at their interplay, but Postcards delivers an assured message with brilliant swing..."

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Jazz Review: Postcards by Tri-Fi

"In Postcards, Tri-Fi deftly illustrates why the jazz trio is so enduring. This is a wonderful record full of the sunlight and beauty that jazz can be. ..."

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