TRI-FI Jazz Trio

“More important than the individual selections is the general sound of the trio and their telepathic interplay. Tri-Fi has succeeded at both developing its own musical personality and creating music that can only come from a group of like-minded musicians.”

- Scott Yanow, Author

Latest News

10 Year Anniversary CD Project

TRI-FI by the aqua wallWe’ve been hard at work over here at TRI-FI Central Station. We’re working on a brand new album of all original music called “Staring into the Sun.” We recorded back in May and are currently running a Kickstarter drive to raise the funds to finish the project and release it by early 2014 – that will be the 10th anniversary of our first gigs and recordings as a trio. Yowza!


Find out more about the project here:

10 Year Anniversary CD by TRI-FI: Staring into the Sun


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